Subah Ki Chai Show


The Indian Diaspora travels and enjoys vacation with family and friends. Their friends and family visit Singapore frequently and look for information about places of interest and offers. We unravel the known and unknown places in Little India, which is one of the most popular areas for tourists, Indian expats and locals. Our title sponsor LISHA benefits by extending their promotions and offers through our show.


After 4 successful seasons of Subah Ki Chai, Video Houze showcases its fifth season in Little India through its people, religion, shopping, cuisines, logging and festivals. The intention of the show is to see the place from different perspective and expectations. To understand what ‘Little India caters to different community and group of people.

For the first time, we had two hosts in one show. A beauty queen from Bollywood and a local host from Singapore. Our title sponsor was LISHA, Associate Sponsor- Chutney Mary, followed by F&B partner- Kailash Parbat, Wardrobe Sponsor- Stylemart, Supporting Sponsor- Chennai Trading, Kamala Jewellers, Travel Partner- Air India.


SubahKiChai Season 5 Episode #10 Trailer

SubahKiChai Season 5 Episode#7 Trailer

SubahKiChai Season 5 Episode#5 Trailer

SubahKiChai Season5 Episode #4-Trailer

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