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Celebrating the untamed goddess in you 78

Written by Vani Khare

She is bright blue sky, limitless and alluring.
She is a bird and butterfly,
Singing songs of love, sprinkling colors of life.
She is an enchanted forest, wild and pristine.
She is a firefly, which lights up the dark.
She is womb of the nature, which nurtures souls.
She is hawk and heron-flying high on the mountains.
She is a fearless fighter, with the courage of a tigress.
She is the cry of a seagull, sorrow of a weeping willow.
She is an unhealed wound, a storm brewing in the depth of an ocean.
She keeps her secrets tightly chained to her heart.
Some are blissful and some tear her apart.
She loves, she gives.
She dreams she lives.
An exquisite creation, a work of art.
A goddess untamed, a divine spark.



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