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Broken Open 62

Written by Vani Khare   His footsteps – the sound of agony. She knows, she will be crushed again. Her body, beaten and broken. A chill travels through her spine. What will it be today? His belt? His shoes? His hands? His terms of endearment? A slut A whore Or ‘honey’. She thinks of another lie, She has to tell this world tomorrow. She slipped from the stairs. Oh but that was the last one. Puzzled; she thought, he loved her, Is love black and blue? The ‘colors’ that appear on her body when he is done. If he loved her, He should touch her heart Not break her body apart. Enough! She says. Stop, demolition of her mind, body and sprit. erosion of her wounded soul. She breaks her silence today.



She stiches her broken wings. She is ready to fly, far away. He and his violent love won’t find her anymore.   One in 3 women worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual violence mostly by their intimate partners. Most of these women suffer in silence as they succumb to the societal pressure. At Secrets of Womanhood- the silence shatters on Sunday at 11 am. Episode- ‘Domestic…


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